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Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Body Focused Repetitive behaviors are a set of disorders in which a person either picks, pulls, bites, or scratches at their skin hair or nails. While these seem like common grooming behaviors the difference is that BFRB's are chronically performed or done excessively to the point of scarring, bald patches, lesions, and other physical damage. Individuals affected face significate distress in personal and everyday life, often feeling ashamed and alone because of their behavior. BFRB's affect nearly 2 million Canadians!

Trichotillomania is a body focused repetitive behavior, it is an impulse control disorder, characterized by a long term urge that results in the pulling out of one's hair. This occurs to such a degree that hair loss can be seen. Efforts to stop pulling hair typically fail. Hair removal may occur anywhere; however, the head and around the eyes are most common. We have many clients that choose different methods of dealing with this condition.

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